Allen Roth Lighting Adds Brilliance to a Home

There are hundreds of brands and designers out there that can offer lamps, chandeliers, and every kind of lighting solution in between. From the super expensive to the downright unattractive, it can take a lot of work just to weed through all of the lighting choices you don’t want. That’s why having a brand in mind that you can trust to create affordable, attractive, and durable lighting solutions is so critical to the average shopper. Don’t go in blind when it comes to your next light purchase, get to know the brand that homeowners trust when it’s time to turn the lights on. Get to know Allen Roth lighting.

A Bright Spot in Lighting
Forget about lighting fixtures that look good but don’t function around your lifestyle. Forget about outrageous price tags. Allen Roth knows exactly what homes need to look stylish and stay working for you. From lighting to deck and patio furnishings, Allen Roth designs are every homeowner’s dream.

There is a reason why Allen Roth is respected as a trusted name for interior and exterior lighting solutions. Allen Roth lighting is a gem for any home. Their line of sophisticated and functional lighting serves the needs of contemporary home owners.
Brighten Up Your Home With the Right Light

Allen Roth’s line of indoor home lighting needs varies from simple wall-attached designs to exquisite hanging chandeliers. Roth creates lighting fixtures that are especially noteworthy as dining room pieces. Their hanging chandeliers are world class designs at affordable prices. By using materials such as distressed iron, brushed nickel, and crystal glass, the designers behind the Roth name create stunning lighting pieces that go up against luxury brands when it comes to appearance and durability. Allen Roth also offers wall sconces, which create an intrepid design element in any home. The first thing any shopper will notice about a lighting fixture with the Allen Roth name is how sturdy the design is. Every piece of Allen Roth lighting is created to add to the integrity of a home. When you trust your lighting needs to Allen Roth, you are selecting a piece that will give your home pride and beauty for many years to come. What’s more, the timeless style and craftsmanship of every Allen Roth design means that the style you love today will be the style you can cherish tomorrow.

Bringing Class and Beauty to the Exterior of Your Home
Allen Roth doesn’t only cater to the interiors of a home, but the brand has built a reputation for specializing in creating fixtures to grace the exterior of a home. Their assortment of lamp light posts and wall lights add a touch of class and colonial charm to any home.

Lighting Accessories Make All the Difference
It’s the little details that bring charm and brilliance to a room. Allen Roth specializes in providing the little touches through their line of wall switch plates. Their decorative plates ensure that no detail is overlooked when it comes to the elegance of your home. The Allen Roth switch plates make a beautiful companion to their assortment of chandeliers and lighting fixture and allow you to decorate a room using a total approach to elegance. With finishes like polished brass, aged brass, and rubbed bronze available, there is sure to be a perfect match for the mood of your rooms and living space.